Grade Level Rules:

1. Listen & Follow Directions
2. Raise Your Hand to Speak or Leave Your Seat
3. Keep Your Hands, Feet, & Property to Yourself
4. Respect Your Classmates & Teachers/Staff.
5. Respect Yourself

Consequences For Choosing to Break A Rule:

1. Warning / Write Name on the Board
2. In-class Time-out / Writing Assignment
3. Out-of-class Time-out / Extended Writing Assignment
4. After-school Detention with Parental Contact
      • Severe Disruptions / Fighting = PS-74 & Office Visit**

Positive Consequences:

Students with 0-1 behavior marks for the week will earn selection(s) from your homeroom teacher's prize box*

* could include HW Pass, Computer Pass, school supplies, candy, etc.

Homerooms can work toward a chosen & voted on goal (pizza or ice cream party, Fun Friday, etc.) by filling up a jar, chart, etc.